Indigestion With GastroMed Connect

What is indigestion?

Indigestion may cause an individual to have an uncomfortable feeling in the upper abdominal area. It is sometimes explained by other symptoms like stomach pain and fullness following eating, but can also be a symptom of many other GI issues. For guidance on how to manage or avoid indigestion, or find care for indigestion in Kyle, TX read through our suggestions below. We also recommend you request a consultation with our GI providers at GastroMed Connect to receive the appropriate professional care.

What are the common signs of indigestion?

Indigestion may creep up on a person when they least expect it, making your day take a turn for the worse. It is extremely important to recognize and understand the signs to get the necessary treatment. Signs of indigestion could include:

  • Premature satiety during a meal
  • Belching
  • Uncomfortable fullness after a meal
  • Bloating in the upper abdominal area
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Feeling of burning in the upper abdominal area
  • Uncomfortable sensation in the upper abdominal area

If you or a loved one have experienced any or all of the listed symptoms and are finding indigestion difficult to control, it may be time to request a consultation with one of our Kyle, TX gastroenterology providers.

At what point should I seek care for indigestion?

Indigestion might become concerning when the uncomfortable symptoms become a persistent problem. If you’ve experienced the above-listed symptoms for greater than two weeks, a visit with one of the gastroenterology providers at GastroMed Connect is certainly needed. If your pain is also accompanied by things such as recurring vomiting, problems swallowing, weakness or fatigue, or black, tarry stools please contact our team right away. For additional information on what we can do to offer assistance, request a consultation with a GI specialist as soon as you can.

Alleviate your discomfort

Indigestion can often be the cause of great discomfort, but relief is more readily available than you may think. The expert gastroenterology providers at GastroMed Connect will work tirelessly to give you the answers you need to live your life free from the irritation caused by indigestion. To get help with ingestion in Kyle, TX please call to request a consultation with our team.