Bloating With GastroMed Connect

What is bloating?

Bloating is a gastrointestinal (GI) symptom often due to the buildup of gas in one’s digestive tract or as a result of the retention of fluid. A knowledge of what causes bloating can help you know what to do to stop the bloating. It is important to pay attention to the messages your body communicates to you. We encourage you to take note of the circumstances and times during which you feel bloated. This can help in your understanding and possibly identify what causes your bloating. If you are looking for help to determine the source of bloating and are in the Kyle, TX area, we can help. Contact GastroMed Connect at your earliest convenience to connect with a gastroenterologist to help you find relief from uncomfortable bloating.

What are the common causes of bloating?

Bloating may arise from several medical conditions or a number of other factors. Some of the common sources of bloating are:


  • Eating too fast (satiety signals may take as much as 20 minutes to reach the brain and signal fullness)
  • Swallowing air
  • Eating food that is difficult to digest
  • Constipation
  • Gynecological conditions
  • Eating fattening or rich foods
  • Eating too much
  • Gastroparesis

For more information on what might be causing your bloating, request a consultation with a GastroMed Connect GI specialist near you.

How can I alleviate and avoid stomach bloating?

If you are experiencing bloating frequently, begin by experimenting with a few of the following suggestions by our Kyle, TX gastrointestinal providers.


  • Avoid any abrupt increase in the quantity of fiber you consume
  • Don’t drink through straws
  • Avoid foods containing artificial sweeteners, specifically sorbitol or fructose
  • Do not eat prunes, carrots, apricots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lentils, and beans
  • Do not chew gum
  • Eat more slowly
  • Go for a walk or exercise
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid carbonated drinks


If you are making an effort to avoid foods or practices that generally cause you to bloat yet still experience this symptom, it is important to consult with a gastrointestinal provider at GastroMed Connect. Our team can help answer your concerns and provide a diagnosis regarding your condition.