Capsule Endoscopy With GastroMed Connect

What is a small bowel capsule endoscopy?

A small bowel capsule endoscopy involves an endoscopic procedure where a pill/capsule, (which has a camera and a battery in it), is swallowed by the patient and is then utilized to capture numerous images of the small bowel or intestine. An estimated 60,000 photos are collected, which, when put together, in essence, provide a “movie” of the patient’s small intestine.

At GastroMed Connect, a small bowel pill endoscopy procedure is commonly used to identify the primary reason for inexplicable bleeding or anemia. It can be conducted to assess the small bowel to extensively assess an abnormal x-ray, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. Contact our GI specialists in Kyle, TX to schedule a capsule endoscopy to help ensure the health of your intestinal system is protected.

What should I expect before my capsule endoscopy?

You will receive clear directions from your GI specialist regarding the required preparation for your capsule endoscopy. Most patients will be permitted to eat as they normally do the day before the exam. Patients will receive instruction not to take anything orally following 7 p.m. the night prior to their capsule endoscopy. It is crucial to adhere to the directions given to you by your physician. There will likely also be additional instructions in regard to your medications. In the majority of instances, your medications will be continued per usual a few hours after the pill capsule is ingested. However, in some circumstances, such as in individuals on blood thinners (such as Plavix®, Coumadin®, warfarin, anti-inflammatories, aspirin) and in those with diabetes, specialized instructions will be provided.

What happens on the day of the capsule endoscopy procedure?

You will be instructed to arrive at the office or endoscopy center 30 minutes prior to your procedure. This is to provide time to complete patient forms and any preparation for the capsule endoscopy procedure. You will be asked to wear a vest that holds the monitors that will receive the transmitted photos. When the vest is placed on, the pill capsule will be activated and then you will swallow it.

After the pill capsule is swallowed, you will have the option to leave the endoscopy office. You will keep the vest on for the following eight hours. You will be allowed to consume clear liquids two hours after the exam and can eat a normal meal after four hours. When eight hours have passed, you will come back to the endoscopy center and the vest will be removed. To find out more about having a capsule endoscopy in Kyle, TX, please reserve a consultation with one of our gastrointestinal doctors today.

When will I receive the results from my capsule endoscopy?

When the procedure is finished, the images obtained from the capsule will be downloaded to a software program that produces a “movie” of your small intestine. It might take the physician a number of hours to fully review these photos. Results are typically ready inside of a week. You will typically be contacted by the ordering physician’s office with the capsule endoscopy findings.